naming the trees

by J. Surak

left hanging 10:01


music for semi-modular and patch synths, prepared autoharp, prepared Califone, & humidifier.
The track naming the trees is based on the dance score for Leyya Mona Tawil.
recorded 2018-19

"Naming The Trees (ZERO 192) by J. Surak is a concise art statement, just ten minutes a side on the limited cassette. Apparently produced by a combination of methods: analog synths, patches, treated and prepared instruments, and a humidifier – maybe a field recording of one of these handy domestic beasts, unless he “trained” its limited mind to assist in the performance in some way. Furthermore, it’s got something to do with a dance score, underlining his ongoing debt to the work of John Cage. Leyya Mona Tawil is a very engaged Syrian-American based in New York and the director of Dance Elixir, among other things, and her dance could be seen as way of rearranging the world at some geopolitical label to put matters right. To indicate the seriousness of this ongoing task, Surak’s music is equally stern; the A side is presented as a grim teeming, drone, and just to take a bite out of any section of it is to inhale a faceful of toxic pollution. The B side is metallic and ambiguous, much like a stroll on the surface of the moon after a nuclear blast." ~ Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector


released November 7, 2019

mastering: Kris Lapke
layout: intangible arts




zeromoon Washington, D.C.

Intelligent Noise Music of the non-entertainment genre. Netlabel, Cassettes, CDs, CDRs. Free improv, musique concrete. Black ambient metal. Field recordings, experimental electronics. Drones & Pop. Since 1983.

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