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Named Entities

by Tag Cloud

thaw 05:48
whimbrel 09:00


Chris Videll is Tag Cloud and Zeromoon doesn't have a lot of information on him on their website. The cover just like a whole bunch of thank-you's and a list of instruments: analog electronics, sk1, monotron, shruti box, gongs, tibetan bowls, bells, pedals, fx, processing, pitch pipe. No doubt he is the kind of man who wants the music to speak for itself, which is of course the thing to do, but a nightmare for a reviewer. I think this is a pretty interesting CD which combines a number of interests in a great way: its a bit noise like, but never loud or harsh. Its atmospheric but not in the strictest drone context and its rather musically electronic than static. This music seems to be moving all the time, back and forth. I think some of these instruments are used to make a steady background sound, while others are played over the top. It sounds rather like a live record than a finely composed album of various layers. Six tracks, spanning just over thirty five minutes, all of which seem to me the right length for such a work and which leaves the listener behind with an unsatisfied feel: more, more! Or perhaps this is right as it is? Six fine pieces of loudly atmospheric music or mildly noise based - whatever you prefer I guess is fine. This is certainly a name to watch out for! ~ Vital Weekly

Featuring the talents of Terrascope forum member Chris Videll, working as TagCloud, ‘Named Entities’ is a fine collection of ambient/electronic/experimental pieces that hang together as a whole perfectly. Playing an array of instruments including Shruti Box, Gongs, Analogue Electronics, Tibetan Bowls and Monotron Chris manages to combine these elements in unexpected ways, offering sonic twists and turns for the adventurous listener. After the brief rumble of opener ‘A Controlled Burn’, the next track ‘Red Flag Warning’ delves deeper, a slowly rising soundscape that takes you away from the mundane, whilst on ‘Thaw’ you can almost taste the newly melted water as it trickles away. Harsher in its textures ‘Mountaintop Removal’, flickers and crackles like a dodgy fusebox, unsettling and possibly a cause for concern, that edginess still present on ‘Named Entities 2’, a slightly jarring drone that is wonderfully controlled. Finally, the whole package is completed by the nine minute ‘Whimbrel’ (a large wading bird), the piece a cloud of psychedelic bliss, hovering in the air like incense in a temple, the sounds getting very intense as the piece moves on. ~ Terrascope


released February 1, 2012

Tag Cloud is Chris Videll: analog electronics, sk1, monotron, shruti box, gongs, tibetan bowls, bells, pedals, fx, processing, pitch pipe.




zeromoon Washington, D.C.

Intelligent Noise Music of the non-entertainment genre. Netlabel, Cassettes, CDs, CDRs. Free improv, musique concrete. Black ambient metal. Field recordings, experimental electronics. Drones & Pop. Since 1983.

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