1. The Last Piece of Graphite
    Bad Groupy

  2. Radiogymnasium
    Alexei Borisov and Georgy Orlov-Davydovsky

    Bad Groupy

  4. New Forms, Old Selves
    Heather Stebbins

  5. Backfire
    Genital Warts

  6. Oxide Lullabies
    Jeff Surak

  7. Eris I Dysnomia
    Jeff Surak

  8. all those born must die
    jeff surak

  9. Olney
    Heather Stebbins

    Jeff Surak

  11. Tomorrow Belongs To Me
    Jeff Surak

  12. This Is Not Normal Music
    Dead Violets

  13. Insound
    Alexei Borisov and Anastasia Koroleva

  14. naming the trees
    J. Surak

  15. Doubled Up and Beautiful
    NVS Trio

  16. Let's Do Really Strange Things And Call Them Normal
    Normal Music

  17. Crystal Night

  18. Satie
    New Carrollton

  19. The Slow Walk

  20. 'Awrkid

  21. LLE 'nipbuillapan hinpia

  22. la55

  23. Six Girls In Search of a Heaven

  24. Extinguished By Beating
    Second Violin

  25. pbPagarol fianceés

  26. Victoria
    Second Violin

  27. Armenia

  28. St. Vitus Dance
    Dead Violets

  29. That Was Really Great
    New Carrollton

  30. Autodegenerate
    Jeff Surak

  31. I could agree with you but then we'd both be wrong
    miguel a. garcía & jeff surak

  32. Miltown
    Chester Hawkins

  33. Electronic Remediations for Double Bass
    Daniel Barbiero

  34. Synthetic Fields
    Analog Tara

  35. Zashomon
    Miguel A. GarcÌa & Seijiro Murayama

  36. This random rhythm of notes and sounds
    Viv Corringham

  37. Viral Dances
    Jeff Surak

  38. Spectral Evidence
    Rieko Okuda & Kris Limbach

  39. Dusk Structure
    Geoff Wilt

  40. In The Wood
    Alexei Borisov and Phil Durrant

  41. Zuwaigani

  42. Metabolism Quartet [for Witold Lutosławski]
    Chester Hawkins

  43. null

  44. Art Wednesday
    Alexei Borisov/Bewater

  45. Headless Venus
    Astma + Jelena Glazova

  46. Dillhole and Fashion Delete
    J. Surak

  47. Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers

  48. Xenoglossia live at Ftarri
    Alexei Borisov and KK NULL

  49. First There Was Only Waves
    Julie Rousse

  50. At Home
    Girls on Tape

  51. Resita Mold
    Violet Shifts

  52. Confessions of a Rogue Taxidermist
    Blue Sausage Infant

  53. Egg
    Blue Sausage Infant

  54. Scalpels for the Animal God
    Blue Sausage Infant

  55. Angry Asian Chick on Mobile Device
    Makioki Sisters

  56. Extraordinary Renditions
    Acid Police Noise Ensemble

  57. circulator
    soft pieces

  58. exadh

  59. Live at Pyramid Atlantic
    Bonnie Jones/Jeff Carey/Myo/Violet

  60. Zeromoon Sampler III: An Explanation of Difficult Music

  61. United in Silence
    Rinus Van Alebeek

  62. TRRRack (Single)
    Alexander Kibanov + Alexei Borisov + Alexei Bortnichuk + Cisfinitum + Hutopia

  63. Scars/Shards
    Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words

  64. Portocal Sessions

  65. Eelmusic

  66. Detektiv
    R.R. Habarc

  67. All Violet
    sc. all. & Violet

  68. Hansaplast
    Violet + XV Parówek

  69. No Words
    Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words

  70. Ciao Jazzclub
    Rinus Van Alebeek & Tibor Macek

  71. Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg
    Music from the Film

  72. The Other Kind Of Falling
    Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words

  73. Conference for One
    sonic update

  74. AMMEn – O / Chapters from the Ahad’s Masters Garden Sessions

  75. Live at Comet
    Strotter Inst.

  76. there will be a McDonald’s

  77. Live at Pyramid Atlantic

  78. Earth Breath
    Philip Corner

  79. Error Mechanics

  80. Live in the Living 1

  81. Saturn

  82. Bricks + Bullets

  83. Electrolux

  84. Live In Tallinn

  85. The Sun Is Shining & The Flowers Are Blooming On Violet Street

  86. Luminescence

  87. International Pest Strip (suite for microcassette recorder in 6 movements)

  88. Foreign Lands

  89. The Long March
    Violet+Bertrand Denzler

  90. Desperat

  91. Zhopa (Monotony and Repetition)
    Violet Rechord

  92. Ulitsa Novatorov
    Alexei Borisov/Jeffrey Surak

  93. Whose Shadow Am I
    Doug Seidel and Todd Tuttle

  94. Skull Fracking
    J. Surak

  95. Only the Eyes Only Just
    Gary Rouzer and Sarah O'Halloran

  96. Electronic Works
    J. Surak

  97. Massive Ground Control
    Alexei Borisov & Kurt Liedwart

  98. educazione anaffettiva
    ranter’s bay & Pablo Orza

  99. Sacrifizio Incruento
    Ilia Belorukov and Sergey Kostyrko

  100. beyond human
    If, Bwana & Emerge

  101. Arraio Tximista
    Oier Iruretagoiena

  102. get weaving!
    Irene Kepl

  103. mill
    Henrique Fernandes, Miguel A. García & Sebastien Branche

  104. A Minor Eruption
    Safe Creations

  105. Speculative Resonances
    Martyna Poznańska

  106. Sanctuary (Overtones and Deviations)
    James Batty

  107. The Boy in the Barley Bag
    Doug Seidel & Todd Tuttle

  108. Lost Geographies
    J. Surak

  109. Watchdog Violation
    Alexei Borisov and Sergey Kostyrko

  110. Murmurations
    Chester Hawkins

  111. Augmented Landscapes
    Chris Lynn & Daniel Barbiero

  112. some asperities
    Anne-F Jacques

  113. Q
    Alexei Borisov and Anton Mobin

  114. Skull Cloud
    J. Surak

  115. Live

  116. Laser Acoustic
    CoLo & Cory O'Brien

  117. Out to lunch

  118. Harmonium bacterium
    J. Surak

  119. Eliane
    Matt Rogalsky

  120. The Cost of Service
    Astma & Aspirale

  121. The Joyful Shrieks of the Cherubim!

  122. Underscores

  123. Say Hello To The Boy Who's Returned From Paradise
    Music from the Film

  124. Winter Hours
    Tag Cloud

  125. This Space Occupied (by Maida)
    Steve Hilmy

  126. Live at Naherholung Sternchen
    ASTMA and Els Vandeweyer

  127. Silence Walk

  128. Before Waking

  129. A Cooling-Board Bacchanal
    Blue Sausage Infant

  130. Black Friday Tag Sale

  131. Torn
    J. Surak

  132. Daguerreotypes
    Rinus Van Alebeek

  133. Check the Map
    Doug Seidel & Todd Tuttle

  134. Hotel Bethanien/Gates Open
    J. Surak

  135. Songs from the floorboard
    J. Surak

  136. Not One Nor
    Daniel Barbiero

  137. Broadcast Rain
    Insect Factory

  138. RRDL02
    Radio Royal

  139. Codex
    Marta Zapparoli

  140. Return
    Rinus Van Alebeek

  141. Named Entities
    Tag Cloud

  142. Still Life in Silent Rooms

  143. Micro Sounds Biopsy
    Anton Mobin & Deadzoo

  144. Live from DLI
    Al Margolis & Doug Van Nort

  145. a theory of possible utterance
    Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Tim Olive

  146. Tripping through runtime
    Valentina Vuksic

  147. KTOTAM
    Andrea Pensado

  148. graphorrhea

  149. .C. Works

  150. 1,2,3 Whiteout
    James June Schneider

  151. Bogatiri
    Violet + Alexei Borisov + Michael Gendreau

  152. Bees & Honey
    Andrey Kiritchenko

  153. Drone+Unease
    v. / Ultra Milkmaids


zeromoon Washington, D.C.

Intelligent Noise Music of the non-entertainment genre. Netlabel, Cassettes, CDs, CDRs. Free improv, musique concrete. Black ambient metal. Field recordings, experimental electronics. Drones & Pop. Since 1983.

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