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Zanoize - Jazznoize & Zanstones [zero107]

  • Artist: Zanoize
  • Title: Jazznoize & Zanstones
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: May, 2010


Jazznoize’s sonorous aesthetic manipulation of Zan Hoffman’s free and intuitive recordings.
Royal (Real) instruments (clarinet, guitars, percussion…).
Welcome to a new subworld.

(Sergio Sanchez & Zan Hoffman)

Jazznoize is a project by Sergio Sanchez (sound artist from Murcia, Spain) which started in 2000 with some cassette tape manipulation heavily influenced by Francisco Lopez, Pierre Schaeffer, Merzbow, John Duncan, Daniel Menche, Comando Bruno, Esplendor Geometrico, or Whitehouse. However, most of this early work is lost forever. Recent Jazznoize work has have evolved into subtler transformation of field recordings, audible manipulation, reality fragmentation and reassembly, all of it meant to be a(nother) blow against older art forms, much in the way the first generation of industrial musicians fought the existing musical industry.
The world like sound instrument.
My own definition: ruidista ibarico (iberian noiser?) noiser = musician who creates noise.