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Zanoisect - Museum Of Frenzy [zero110a]

  • Artist: Zanoisect
  • Title: Museum Of Frenzy
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: Jun, 2001
3ladno (2) (jeff mix)14:05MP3
2ladno (1) (jeff mix) 14:58MP3
1hobo hut variations (zan mix) 31:33MP3


Museum of Frenzy was recorded at various museums of the Smithsonian Institution using three cheap low quality portable tape recorders-one cheap "boombox" and 2 dictaphones. Zan and Jeff each recorded the environment. when they each had thirty minutes they switched tapes, and played back what was recorded and that was re-recorded onto one of the tapedecks. they walked around and played the tapes, waved them around, played with the volume, cover the speakers with their hands, changed the playback speed etc while recording other environmental sounds. several times they were stopped by security guards but they kept on recording. art galleries are normally quiet places so the unexpected blasts of lofi noise were confusing to any people in the galleries. zan mixed the three tapes by playing them back and recording them again on the poor quality boombox, so none of the recordings were ever "directly inputted" into the tapes decks--all are condensor mic recordings. the jeff remixes used the source tapes and feature minimal digital processing.


ZANOISECT's "Muzeum of Frenzy" is the effect of operations on the field recordings made "at various museums of the Smithsonian Institution on cheap portable tape recorders by zan hoffman & jeff surak". In regards to the sound source, the recording is not revealing, but quite interesting nevertheless. The guys concocted a decent collage, consisting of three parts. The first, mixed by Zan, is genuinely a noise one, but the other two, mixed by Jeff, are definitely more varied. The sound seems "broad" and "deep", there is less of noise and more of "noisescape" to it. To the last part, the term "noise" is hardly applicable, and the input material of the field recordings seems least treated and mixed. As a whole it is quite intriguing, the first track being slightly inferior to the other. ~ [Przemek Chojnacki] - Eld Rich Palmer