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Volga - Kiasma [zero052]

  • Artist: Volga
  • Title: Kiasma
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Feb, 2004
5Na puzhbinye6:57MP3
4Zatovor 2 6:49MP3
3Volga-mat' 3:41MP3
2Zatovor 1 6:32MP3
1Golova-Golovyshka 4:26MP3


Successfully combining experimental electronics with contemporary dance rhythms and original Russian folklore, Volga is a unique project on the Moscow music scene. Pagan psychodelia, shamanism, authentic melodies and lyrics from ancient Russian texts (12th-19th centuries) are mixed with urban aesthetics and contemporary video art to make up the essential components of Volga performances.

Volga tours frequently in Russia and abroad and has participated in various international music festivals. The current Volga line-up includes: professionally educated vocalist and folklore researcher Anjela Manukjan (joint projects with Richard Norvila and Species Of Fishes duo [Moscow]); international electronics specialist and multi-instrumentalist Alexei Borisov (Notchnoi Prospekt, F.R.U.I.T.S., The Gosplan Trio, joint projects with KK Null [Japan], Jeffrey Surak [USA], Anton Nikkila [Finland], Adam Ebringer [Australia], Tania Stene [Norway], Sergei Letov [Russia]); Roman Lebedev (Metal Corossion, Alien Pat Holman, Idioritmik); and the artist, inventor of self-made instruments, and Grammy winner (artwork for Frank Zappa Civilization III album, 1996) Uri Balashov.

Discography: Volga (CD, Exotica records 1999), Volga "Bottoms up!" (CD, Exotica records 2003), Volga "Concert" (CD, Sketis music 2003), Volga "Three Fields" (CD, Volga/Sketis music 2004)

These 5 tracks were recorded live at the Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland in February 2004.

The lineup for this performance was:
Anjela Manukjan - vocals
Alexei Borisov - electronics, voice, special effects
Roman Lebedev - electronics, percussion
Yuri Balashov - sukozvuk