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Visteclaro - 12 Hèlices [zero064]

  • Artist: Visteclaro
  • Title: 12 Hèlices
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Jun, 2005
112 Hèlices42:55MP3


recorded: june 2005.
recording, mixing, mastering: 0.104166666666666666666666666666667 days.
leandro barzabal:electric guitar, PU, steel pipe, contact mic, vocals, motor1.
yagui quintero: corno, trumpet, flutes, quena, harmonics, contact mic, bucket.
recorded: alfredo calvelo
front cover photo: norio ikoma.


Visteclaro is a free improvisation duo from Argentina. Leandro Barabal and Yaqui Quintero perform a lengthy improvisation on a vast array of instruments and implements including cornet, electric guitar, steel pipe, harmonica and bucket. This is a risky thing to pull off but the two musicians pace themselves nicely and succeed in luring the listener into their aural environment. Their album, 12 Helices is a single 43 minute track that will either fascinate or disturb you. Perhaps it will do both. Recommended for the adventurous and patient listener. ~Free Albums Galore