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Violet+Bertrand Denzler - The Long March [zero017r]

  • Artist: Violet+Bertrand Denzler
  • Title: The Long March
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: May, 2004
4Inside the Liberated Area 7:05MP3Flac
3The Beach is Red 5:54MP3Flac
2When the Cinnamon Flowers Bloom in Autumn 3:05MP3Flac
1Straw Sandals3:40MP3Flac


Four compositions for alto sax, autoharp, prepared record player and sampler. Free music, lowercase reflections, and all out noise using extended performance techniques.


Violet is the main project of ZeroMoon honcho Jeff Surak and Bertrand Denzler is a fantastic saxophone player. "The Long March" collects four pieces they recorded together using an array of instruments. These tracks range from the sporadic skronk of "Straw Sandals" to the harsh noise of "Inside the Liberated Area" and cover all the ground in between. On the former, Surak provides various atmospheric sounds while Denzler throws in random bursts of sounds. Screeches and squeals are common place here, and the foundation Surak lays is excellent. "Inside the Liberated Area" is loud and chaotic, much what I imagine the "liberated" area of Iraq is like these days. Not pretty at all. The best track is the ethereal "When the Cinnamon Flowers Bloom in Autumn." This piece drones in slow motion like a worker bee returning to the hive triumphantly carrying a days worth of pollen. It hums to perfection. "The Long March" is another excellent release on the ZeroMoon label, and there's something in these four tracks that will appeal to every listener. - foxy digitalis online