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Violet - Sometimes in The Quietest of Moments... [zero002r]

  • Artist: Violet
  • Title: Sometimes in The Quietest of Moments...
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: Dec, 2002
9Loose Lips Wrinkle Hips 3:10MP3
8Non Ozone Retreating 4:17MP3
7Lemon Chiffon Becomes You 1:04MP3
6Mount Etna 2:48MP3
5Korean Rim Job:36MP3
4Crumbs In Seams:36MP3
2Playing In The Mud With The Sun On Your Back:58MP3
1Diene Mund Ist So Rote 3:03MP3


Violet's "Sometimes in The Quietest of Moments the Pipes Don't Fit and the Bathtub Makes you Scream and the Toaster Wants Your Blood" is a remix of the MiniDisk release by Sweden's WNQST//LNGRN - "Sometimes in the Same Night That's Everywhere The Same Right Now & Forevermore" - a 2 hour+ drone fest, condensed into 9 tracks on one 3" cdr. Drones, abrasive skips, and minimalism. Limited edition of 23 copies long out of print.


Violet did a great job in mangling the material that was originally created by wnqst//lndgrn. Though one can definitely recognize some of the original material, the manner of cutting it up is definately good. It sometimes reminds me a bit of Oval, yet less spacy and more gritty and raw. an excellent disc. ~ Electronic Music World