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Violet - Green [zero005r]

  • Artist: Violet
  • Title: Green
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: Mar, 2003


Green is a 40 minute live recording for sine wave, guitar, and record player. Despite a minimal setup the sound is thick and dense revealing furious activity buried beneath the loud drones.


Limited to only 50 copies, this 39 minute, 3 piece live recording for sine wave, record player and guitar is out there. Violet (Jeff Surak) is a new project in shape shifting that uses pitch and tone as a foil for organics. "Green" is a quiet ride through varying frequency levels, all quite harmonic and translucent. More like a Barnett Newman painting than a typical sound piece, this recording relies on small pixilated washes of the endless grayscale, mutating into much brighter shades of light. Deep, penetrating ambience that would have been a welcome replacement to Jerry Goldsmith's lackluster Logan's Run soundtracks. Dually meditative and trance inducing, Violet has developed a patterning of layered drones. Like the light-fed pluralism of tin echoes inside a silo's core "Green" emerges from silence, builds and fades like a graceful bird at sunset.
#386 week 17 from "Vital Weekly"

Violet is Jeff Surak's solo project, and the three long tracks on this release were recorded live, presenting music for sine wave, guitar and turntable. Hypnotic, occasionally abrasive pulses, mostly in the mid to high frequency range, are spread out over generous timelines, phasing, shifting, intriguing to my attention and suspending my thoughts as if in midair, awaiting a release from the tensions their tones produce. Indeed, there are a few breaks within the tracks to ease the strain of listening, and as well, the third and final track is quite calming, the blaring pulses taking a backseat to more a more tranquil, calming drone.
from "Incursion" Issue 069: July 2003