Violet + Alexei Borisov + Michael Gendreau - Bogatiri [zero006]

1Michael Gendreau - Noceur17:21MP3Flac
2Alexei Borisov - Extra-Kt19:22MP3Flac
3Violet - Demonstration Of Decay @ Gez-218:42MP3Flac


Three masters of intelligent noise music present 3 compositions by each of the artists. Recorded live in various cities in Russia.


"Violet's track is a warm, mesmerizing ambient tune has been slightly distorted and lots of tiny crackles can be heard, larded with the fine-tuned sound of a stuck CD.
An excellent piece ending a just as good album. "

"Organic and sensual, raw and bent."

"as close as underground / experimental / noise will ever get to a monsters of rock-like show"

"Magnifique composition ambient construite sur une nappe et parsemée de glitchs, apparemment produits par de vrais CD rayés et vieilles cassettes. C'est fin, expérimental mais touchant à la fois, soit une excellente conclusion."

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