Various Artists - Zeromoon Sampler III: An Explanation of Difficult Music [zero057]

1Dead Hurt - Misfits, Jonas, Misfits 3:46MP3Flac
2Origami Subtropika - 2 Minutos 2:07MP3Flac
3Michael Gendreau - Noyant ~ Excerpt 3:01 MP3Flac
4Critikal - Fuselage 3:39 MP3Flac
5v. + Ultra Milkmaids - Carton05 9:00MP3Flac
6Normal Music - Fingerspitzenfuhl 4:05MP3Flac
7Violet + Bertrand Denzler - The Beach Is Red 6:05 MP3Flac
8Vultrapia - Garmonia 8:52 MP3Flac
9Music Concrete Ensemble - Pink Circo 3:38 MP3Flac
10Our Last Hope Lost Hope - Godsstation11:39MP3Flac


This compilation is an overview of zeromoon; from glitch-punk, abstract noise, minimal techno, psychedelic drones, ambient, post rock and beyond.

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