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Various Artists - Dissolution Tapes [zero004]

  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Title: Dissolution Tapes
  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: Apr, 2003
17Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Yr03_trck02(sgmnt B Rcnstrctd)5:00 MP3Flac
16Maja S. K. Ratkje - Malodorous Drains 3:46MP3Flac
15Rechord - Sgmnt_b (Remix) 4:24 MP3Flac
14Das Torpedoes - Aierereign5:04MP3Flac
13R.R. Habarc - Anzix 6:18 MP3Flac
12Francisco López - Untitled #1447:54MP3Flac
11Michael Gendreau - Re: 55-66=99 1:49MP3Flac
10Kotra - Entries 4:59MP3Flac
9Ultra Milkmaids - Anyway (In Tanga) 3:53 MP3Flac
8Violet - Sugar 2:58 MP3Flac
7Freiband - Gloomycoylyeightmonthvales6:10 MP3Flac
6Jacob Kirkegaard - Pleasant And Usefull Waves (Remix) 5:26MP3Flac
5Andrey Kiritchenko - Re Ply4:00MP3Flac
4Alexei Borisov - The Second Flore' (Remix) 3:49MP3Flac
3Fe-mail - Anomalus Stains2:30 MP3Flac
2Anton Nikkilä - Multitrack (Remix) 4:46MP3Flac
1Cornucopia - Towards A Dead Light5:16 MP3Flac


Internationally known artists remix, mangle, and reinterpret a series of short musical themes churning out the concrete.