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v. / Ultra Milkmaids - Drone+Unease [zero001]

  • Artist: v. / Ultra Milkmaids
  • Title: Drone+Unease
  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: Mar, 2002
  • Price: $5
5AcousticOOm/. 11:15
1Tinted Heaps&Dredge 4:58


The ultra milkmaids from France meet v. from Washington DC and give birth to a mutant baby quite unlike either of its parents. Abstract, dense music that you can hum and that will swirl around in your head.


"Each of the seven tracks featured here offers a unique and immensely engaging sound environment. has proven to be a recording that reveals its secrets slowly and with careful listening. Recommended." - Incursion

"Brilliant by many factors, the most important of which in my opinion, the difficulty of joining the more improvised nature of v w/ the more electronica evolution of the milkies." - Absurd

"Summa summarum ein absolut untypisch Meisterwerk, das sich jeder weiteren Einordnung widersetzt und gehört und nicht besprochen werden will. Drone & Unease eben." - Intro