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Ubeboet - Red and Black Remixes [zero074]

  • Artist: Ubeboet
  • Title: Red and Black Remixes
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Feb, 2006
4black and red (reconstructed by dead letters spell out dead words) 8:46MP3
3a hole (reconstructed by mathieu ruhlman) 7:11MP3
2dark blue (reconstructed by arturas bumsteinas) 7:15MP3
1red with dark grey (reconstructed by asher) 8:57MP3


Ubeboet (m.a.tolosa) invited 4 artists to remix his excellent album "black and red" which was released by earlabs in 2005. The original work featured field recordings, radio and turntables. Here each artist-Asher, Arturas Bumsteinas, Mathieu Ruhlman, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words-picked one track and deconstructed it to create a new work.