Tube Alloys - Tube Alloys [zero063]

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Music labels are bombarded by demos, more than they possibly can ever listen to. Sometimes a few demos rise above the onslaught and demonstrate originality and hold your attention. But a small label can't release everything on a CD. So what does one do with the good music that one gets and can't afford to release? Tube Alloys is a project by Zan Hoffman ( and Jeff Surak that combines, smelts, and delivers a new work derived from the best parts of some very good demos. Original material was provided by Alessandro Bosetti/Chris Forsyth (USA), Kuorinki (Finland), Fabio Selvafiorita (Italy), Jacob Ludvigsen (Denmark), and Palsecam (Poland). The sources were choosen and edited by Surak and processed by Hoffman. The result? Tube Alloys.

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