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RUiNU - Eelmusic [zero115]

  • Artist: RUiNU
  • Title: Eelmusic
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Nov, 2010


Eelmusic, was recorded live in Ostrava and Novy Jici­n, in Czech Republic, during a short tour in February 2010. The tracks were later mastered by Jorge Boehringer of Core of the Coalman shortly after he heard RUiNU open for Wolf Eyes at Prague's Stimul Festival, and inspired by their live sound, conspired with them to recreate it here.  RUiNU is a three-member group around KLaNGundKRaCH label specializing in free improvisation with fragments of noise and musical ruins. Jan Klamm, (Kaspar von Urbach, k!amm, No Pavarotti) plays electronics, loops & manipulations, Ondrej Parus (Kaspar von Urbach, Head in Body) is responsible for electronics, amplified objects, synths, and Patrik Peliky¡n ( Psychedelicka flakac na odstrel) is a manipulator wind instruments. Under the name of The Ruin Of Ruins they used to accompany the mysterious, long missing songwriter Rouilleux.