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R.R. Habarc - Detektiv [zero004CB]

  • Artist: R.R. Habarc
  • Title: Detektiv
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: Aug, 2006
2It Will Be Rain3:31MP3Flac


Part of the CONSUME BUY 2006 series of limited run cdrs released by zeromoon that were available only during 2006, then prompty discontinued.


The name R.R. Habarc might not be unknown to the Vital Weekly reader, despite his career of only small edition CDR releases in handmade packages. Habarc is from Budapest, Hungary and his music is a blend of piercing electronics and deep bass sounds. I don't think his very suitable for the compressed MP3 format, since it has a wide frequency range. Minimalist pulses along the lines of Ikeda and Goem, but also a bit more noise related at times. Not his strongest moment, but still quite enjoyable. ~Vital Weekly