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RDK - Undisturbed [zero078]

  • Artist: RDK
  • Title: Undisturbed
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Sep, 2006
6Ying Ling 6:29MP3
3Fyrall del Rey 2:03MP3
1Compound Curve Barrier 3:32MP3


RDK’s Undisturbed e.p. blends traditionally inspired spacemusic and seventies synth textures with lightly sprinkled circuit bent sounds. Three long form excursions are separated by three shorter ones.

From the floating ambient of Undisturbed to the “Klaus Schultz dry-humping Wendy Carlos” vibe of the closing track Ying Ling, RDK cover a lot of ground in 26 minutes.

Fyrall del Rey features the Ciat-Lonbarde Fyrall instrument playing lead over David Rickert and Davis White’s slowly cascading Moog and Arp synthesizers.