Portable Noise Kremator - Portable Noise Kremator [zero009CB]

1November never ends8:03MP3Flac
2No louder thing than silence and ruined hands1:37MP3Flac
3(For) Fist full of pedals8:12MP3Flac
4Married couple reading letters from home with newspaper clippings about cholera in Italy3:57MP3Flac
5Long white track10:15MP3Flac


Portable Noise Kremator is the new project from 1/2 of Mangenerated, Belgium's premier decayed music unit. PNK does not disappoint and the project's name accurately describes the 5 tracks on this long ep. Crunchy, saturated, just beautiful sounds culled from a bass and rotten record player.

Part of the CONSUME BUY 2006 series of limited run cdrs that were available only during 2006, then promptly discontinued.

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