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Pilesar - Pilesar's Ugly Children [zero132]

  • Artist: Pilesar
  • Title: Pilesar's Ugly Children
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Mar, 2012
11The Final Brodown3:38MP3Flac
10Liquid System Revealed7:32MP3Flac
9Falling off the Map2:13MP3Flac
8Last Minute Loaf2:57MP3Flac
6Mid-Brain Betrayal5:05MP3Flac
5Star Squid’s Final Flight1:53MP3Flac
4400 Million Years Ago on Planet Earth2:38MP3Flac
3Into Thick Air6:11MP3Flac
2Ugly Children2:46MP3Flac
1Drastic Measures3:19MP3Flac


Pilesar's second zeromoon release is a dense and heady concoction of psychedelic drones, frenetic rhythms, otherworldly tribal chanting and turn-on-a-dime composition.

For fans of Aphex Twin, Black Dice, cEvin Key, Kraftwerk, Takako Minekawa, Mobeius & Plank and Otomo Yoshihide.

Released 17 October 2011

Pilesar- keyboards, samples, devices, electronic and acoustic percussion, loops, effects, composition, lamb chops, muscadine wine

w/ additional material provided by the DC Sonic Circuits Community via the District of Noise Vol 3 100 locked grooves LP (track 1); Zach Mason (track 3); Daniel Euphrat (track 8); Seth Schowalter (tracks 9 and 11); Gary Rouzer (track 10); Sean K Preston, Sammy Ponzar and Keith Sinzinger (track 11).

Cover painting by Joel B Floyd