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Philip Corner - Earth Breath [zero114]

  • Artist: Philip Corner
  • Title: Earth Breath
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Oct, 2010
5Gong/Ear-pulse Sep 18, 199417:39MP3Flac
4Gong Stone - Korean cymbals & river stones Sep 17, 199410:15MP3Flac
3EarthBreath (with gong/ear prelude) Sep 17, 199420:05MP3Flac
2Earth Water Breath Sep 17, 199417:10MP3Flac
1Gong/Earth Breath Sep 17, 199442:22MP3Flac


5 solos from a weekend in September 1994 at Arte Sella, an outdoor art festival in Borgo Valsugana, Italy—-towards the end of a near 20 year long period of a daily personal spiritual practice with music; though using a variety of media they fit into the general series of improvisations i called Withinstascys—-of which the constant is a willed absence of prethought ideas, keeping the body-mind in a moment-to-moment awareness of present “rightness”. (This possessed me so completely that for many years i did little else, and so very few written compositions from that time.)
The alphorn itself was ordered from Beat Collegger in Alvaneu-Dorf in Switzerland; first played for an event by Alain Gibertie, the many subsequent performance-improvisations subsumed in the concept EarthBreath……building upon previous experience as a trombone player.
Gong/Ear freely combined with, initially (and even now) a meditation with my “tam-tam”, flat type gong manufactured by Paiste, or another appropriate resonant metal instrument: in this case the pair of Korean shaman cymbals given to me by Mr. Ho-sun Cheon when he was cultural attaché to Denmark. The core idea is the aural sensitivity which creates a loop back from the music-making action by its perception to a further continuation of that acting; this may pass through an ideal listener who may be a dancer whose vibration-inspired movements render visible the sound-continuity.

All these performance within the sound of a running stream.