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Normal Music - Generic [zero068]

  • Artist: Normal Music
  • Title: Generic
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Sep, 2005
2Close Your Eyes and You Too Can Make Normal Music 10:08MP3
1The Subjective Array of Normality12:47MP3


The final release by this mysterious project. Dark beats, drones, clicks&cunts.


Of much more interest is Normal Music, the trio of Rafael, beat-master, guitar (The Musique Concrete Ensemble), Thomas on field recordings and rumbles (Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words) and Jeff responsible for drones, autoharp and tapes. I guess, but that's purely my private opinion that Normal Music are the world's best kept minimal techno secret. Why they do MP3s and not 12" on ~Scape eludes me. The work of Normal music can easily be compared with the best of Pole or Deadbeat or any some such. Two lengthy cuts of dubby rhythms, pulsating drones and obscured field recordings. One track is called 'Close Your Eyes And You Too Can Make Normal Music' calls for a remix project, right? Although lesser rhythm based, this could have been a perfect 12". - Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly