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Myo - Memory Gospel [zero011]

  • Artist: Myo
  • Title: Memory Gospel
  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: Jun, 2010
  • Price: $5.00
8Memory Gospel 8:24
7People Are So God Damn Fucking Selfish 4:15
6Tibersound 02 5:31
5Emergent Citrus Feedback Multiphonics / Lipoma 02 v2 8:03
4See You Later 1:58
3Tibersound 01 5:31
2Digital Overboard / Lipoma 08 4:15
1Semiological Guerilla Warfare 4:00


Performed and recorded by Cory O'Brien using Laptop (Pure Data, Soundhack Plugins), Dave Smith Evolver, 1/4" Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet. Mastered by Jeff Carey at The Doctor is Out Studios. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License


"… Like before Myo operates in what I called macrosound in the previous review. Its that combination of microsound, noise, feedback, distortion, ambient and drones, all put together in what should be called I.N.: intelligent noise. Along the lines of Joe Colley, Phroq and Andy Orthmann. Things that can be loud and obnoxious, or soft and gentle, with swift changes, although that is a terrain that is not just the idea of Myo. Here the music comes in concentrated blocks of sounds, raw data flying about, in a minimalist fashion, like one-color monochrome paintings. … its some highly effective piece of noise music. Wish there was more like this." (FdW) - Vital Weekly

"Like many of the younger generation of American improvisers/experimental musicians, O'Brien appears to have some musical links to the noise scene, and while this new disc Memory Gospel isn't particularly loud, there are certain textural and dynamic features to his music that point in that direction. However as you might expect with something I've picked out to write about, there is more in here than initially meets the ear. ... There are muffled, fuzzy sounds that remind me of hyrdophone recordings, pinging, ringing springy sounds that sound like objects being stretched to their limits and who know's what else going on in here. ...throughout Memory Gospel there is a nice feeling of the musician exploring discovered sounds, again reminding me of Jerman, even when, like on the brain-frying uneven oscillations of Emergent Citrus Feedback Multiphonics / Lioma 02 v2 the soundworld created is really quite different. This particular track matches a gratingly persistent metallic shimmer against another undercurrent of slowly folding and unfolding feedback sheets. ... Joe Colley's work springs to mind, ... A strong little CD then, a nice crossover disc between the noise and electroacoustic ends of experimental music and one that deserves a little more attention than I suspect it might get." - The Watchful Ear

"Myo's Memory Gospel feels very much like craggy, hand-made electronic music, created by a renegade engineer who is pretty much sawing off raw chunks of sound and building an imaginary treehouse out of them. Cory O'Brien produced some of this music during times of personal illness or global economic recession, although the second element is something that affects all of us; I suppose the point to make is that Memory Gospel is quite some way from an upbeat, happy record.To his credit, not much harsh or unlistenable yardage is cut from the bale, although 'Emergent Citrus Feedback Multiphonics' does feel like a trip to a sawmill where the production of timber planks is so sinister it's only step away from what we find in a slaughterhouse. 'Tibersound 02' and 'SeeYou Later' are both poignant exercises in abject gloom and neurotic worry, the insistent tones matching up perfectly with what I take to be O'Brien's troubled state of mind.The title track is just full of fascination, instantly creating an imaginary relay station filled with a million flickering terminals and not a single worker in sight. Come to think of it, that might be a perfect metaphor for how Myo sees the workings of the human brain..." - The Sound Projector

"Envelopes "stretched" beyond all limits, circular sounds fascinatingly unfolded among cracks, feedbacks, loops and rhythmic digital beats. Myo, the moniker of Cory O'Brien, is not new to using multiple free software and field recordings, experimenting with combinations of static noises, hums, microsounds and mildly noisy techniques. The sounds in "Memory Gospel" are finely calibrated, however, and shy away from excessively harsh connotations in favor of more celestial atmospheres, altering the harmonic parts and the tones, while placing artificial constructions in the background that could be confused with analog regurgitations. Remaining raw and vivid, the eight tracks of this work are strongly coherent, staying clear of overused stylistic strategies, modulated melancholic airs and schizoid interludes. Audio reverberations, an imaginative déjà vu of our less abused sound perceptions, joints where we suddenly recognize a sound, a vibration in the air that for a moment reminds us of something else." - Neural