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Myo - Light [zero088]

  • Artist: Myo
  • Title: Light
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Sep, 2007
5steel plate and amplifier 8:34MP3
4put down that thing this instant (live) 13:22MP3
3particle liberation 2:37MP3
2elephants (live) 4:06MP3


Light was created with free software, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling+ License. Art is by Aghost.


Music by Cory O'Brien, going by the name of Myo, has been reviewed before: 'Process' was a CDR release by MT6 Records. Here he offers a free download release, of two live pieces and three studio pieces, although I must admit there is not much difference in studio and live for him. O'Brien uses various pieces of free software along with field recordings of power hum, other static electricity, plexiglass and dry ice to record his own brand of noise meeting microsound. Unlike the Russell release (see elsewhere), O'Brien's music is more from the world of noise than from the microsound, an influence that seems to be almost gone here. The end result is certainly nice. Quite loud and noise based, but also more thought out and constructed than the average noise musician. The dry ice sounds nice, placed under pressure of feedback and transformed using various pieces of software. Things work best for me when he keep things under control, as in the first three pieces - when he walks the finer line between silence and loudness. The final two pieces dwell more on the loud part and were less interesting, but throughout this is the noise that I like. (FdW) ~ Vital Weekly