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Matt Rogalsky - Eliane [zero153]

  • Artist: Matt Rogalsky
  • Title: Eliane
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Oct, 2013
2Elaine 247:11MP3Flac
1Elaine 145:09MP3Flac


This music did not really begin as an hommage to Eliane Radigue, but I did come to think of it in relation to her work with slowly changing timbres, which I love, and I ended up calling it by her name. My recordings are drone textures made up of many oscillators continuously detuned according to changing ambient light levels. A single photocell placed outside brings into play the movement of isolated clouds passing across a clear blue sky. Eliane was created using the SuperCollider programming language with homemade sensor hardware, and recorded in real time to analog tape.