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Julie Rousse - First There Was Only Waves [zero181]

  • Artist: Julie Rousse
  • Title: First There Was Only Waves
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Nov, 2017


This piece is a Live Show recorded by the sound engineer in the Cité des Arts de Chambéry (France) in the fall 2017. Working with field recordings from around the planet and electromagnetic noise captured onsite, it depicts an abstract journey between waves - from space to earth.

first there was only wave
solar wind in the desert

rocks & metal

then there was more waves

therefore outside signs of life
human activity

(screams & whispers)

and more waves
voices again

cycles of the city
(subway & pathwalk)
(opera in the gutter)
all of it finishes in the gutter
washed away by the rain