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J. Surak - Skull Cloud [zero160]

  • Artist: J. Surak
  • Title: Skull Cloud
  • Format: Tape
  • Release Date: Jan, 2014
  • Price: $6.00
4Skull Cloud9:21MP3Flac
2Etude #4310:00MP3Flac
1Live at Pyramid Atlantic 01.20.1322:31MP3Flac


J. Surak - tapes & electronics. Recorded in 2013.


There are a select few with the tenacity to make/release a tape these days. If this means you, congratulations. You’ve significantly upped the odds in the listener’s (and your) favor. The medium, however obscure, elicits a hidden experience – personal. I think you are pulled into this prophetic disintegration, of information and of packaging, the result of which is a very special truth (though perhaps it is Mr. Surak who professes and offers us this truth. (Actually it definitely is)). Regardless, the taped experience is yours, there is no one else hearing it.

This tape is like a silent movie gone viral. You sense a lot of people walking around in it: Buddhist Monks displaced in Glasgow. Entire societies are collectively waking to the fact that this IS the utopia. Not utopia in the vein of Voltarian farce but of energetic necessity, as in thunder, lost highways, Skull Cloud). ~ Valerie Kuehne