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Irene Kepl - get weaving! [zero173]

  • Artist: Irene Kepl
  • Title: get weaving!
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Nov, 2016


I wanted to explore the intersection between composition, improvisation and form. The basic aspects I followed during composing were hierarchies, a rough time organization (time is controlled by one player or a conductor) and some defined sound qualities (hectic, regular, solos & duos, the role within the hierarchy ...). I wanted to inspire the musicians by using the provided musical structure as a focus. At the same time they should feel free to explore the piece with their personal musical language. So they are asked to interpret the instructions and contribute their own style. Still I wanted to controll the form the musical energy of the whole piece, but what exactly to play is up to the musicians.

Ensemble VERSO
Irene Kepl - composition, violin, conducting
Ingrid Schmoliner - prepared piano
Petr Vrba - trumpet, speakers
Werner Zangele - alto saxophone
Susanna Gartmayer - bass clarinet


"Kepl’s score addresses a limited but well-chosen set of parameters–instrumental groupings, foreground-background relationships, durations and timbral effects—and engages them in dynamic ways. Her compositional choices, along with her skill in conducting the ensemble through its 43-minute-long performance, produce a rewarding, profoundly textural experience consisting in a constantly changing panorama of densities and voicings, with a particular emphasis on contrasts of pure and aggregate colors." ~ Avant Music News