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Earzumba/Paulo Beto/Eloi Silverstre - Psicotruchas Around the World [zero076]

  • Artist: Earzumba/Paulo Beto/Eloi Silverstre
  • Title: Psicotruchas Around the World
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Jun, 2006
8abogado En Una Pileta 1:59MP3
7torero De La Construccion 1:44MP3
6embalagem Para Viajes3:07MP3
5rasta De Alcantarilla2:59MP3
4enamorado De Un Culo Triste 2:06MP3
3Mis Cotobelos Anhelados2:20MP3
2U R So Cute-tre1:46MP3
1europeo Silvestre4:31MP3



The ever so active Christian Dergarabedian, aka C.D., aka Earzumba dug up an old recording of him and two boys from Brazil, of whom I never heard: Paulo Beto, of the electronic bossa-nova project Anvil FX and Eloi Silvestre, who builds his own instruments from the trash. Together they operate analogue synths, laptop, tapes, radio and percussion. The recording is from 2002, but sounds still like a very fresh thing. It moves away from the usual Earzumba material but is certainly also not the plink plonk improvisation on a bunch of electronic gear. In stead the boys move in a sort of psychedelic, cosmic trip of crashing analogue synth sounds, set against a constant driving rhythm of sequencers, rather than drums. A bit like the good seventies, but than a lot more experimental, with digital organ sounds flying about. Crazy stuff that in the end is a bit too short, but perhaps the wish for more is enough. One shouldn't always want too much! - Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly