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Doug Seidel and Todd Tuttle - Check the Map [zero139]

  • Artist: Doug Seidel and Todd Tuttle
  • Title: Check the Map
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Nov, 2012
  • Price: $1.00
9let’s sit down together5:17MP3Flac
8reverse amnesia, cow4:23MP3Flac
7new pedometer5:56MP3Flac
6 I forgot you2:49MP3Flac
5check the map5:34MP3Flac
4I can’t say3:41MP3Flac
3one size too small4:24MP3Flac
2how to lose3:19MP3Flac
1hey buddy3:17MP3Flac


  1. hey buddy
    T. Tuttle: Frame Drum
    Tony: Greeting
    Roadie: vocal (barking)
    D. Seidel: piano, singing with autotune, oscillator driven by Ian Fritz chaos circuit with fuzzbox feedback
  2. how to lose
    T. Tuttle: singing, poetics, drums, wobbly gas station sign
    D. Seidel: percussion, guitar, bass, harmonium, oscillations and feedback
    M. Seidel: singing
  3. one size too small
    D. Seidel: feedback, percussion, piano, electronics, banjo, bass, guitar, drums
    T. Tuttle: kitchen sounds
  4. I can’t say
    T. Tuttle: cow bell
    D. Seidel: other percussion, fuzzbox and wah wah feedback, electric lap guitar, banjo, harmonium, turntable.
  5. check the map
    D. Seidel: harmonium, banjo, feedback, organ, metal, audio resulting from ultrasonic feedback
    T. Tuttle: voices, percussion, walking, wobble, zither, other sounds
  6. I forgot you
    T. Tuttle: percussion
    D. Seidel: bass triggered by percussion, kick drum, rusty zither, violin, electronics and fuzz, singing
  7. new pedometer
    T. Tuttle:walking along a snowy ice age trail in the northern unit of the kettle moraine, clay pot percussion, singing, talking.
    D. Seidel: kick drum, clapping, tape loop feedback, electronics, electric zither, banjo.
  8. reverse amnesia, cow
    T. Tuttle: moog VCO, frequency, some hand percussion, high pitched noises were made by biting down on my bottom lip while drawing in air.
    Jack: replaying sections of unremembered online content
    D. Seidel: peepers, electronics, trombone, drums, barbie drums, banjo, bass
  9. let’s sit down together
    D. Seidel: jews harp, oscillators, overheard conversation, birds and other fragments, banjo, guitar, drums, more sine waves.
    Anonymous young soul: piano recital excerpt
    T. Tuttle: wooden frog call and homemade kalimba

Production: Doug Seidel
Cover design: Todd Tuttle
Mastered by Ray Andersen at Laughing Baby Music

All songs recorded in 2012