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Dead Violets - Organ Grinder [zero075]

  • Artist: Dead Violets
  • Title: Organ Grinder
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Apr, 2006
3Organ 312:06MP3
2Organ 26:56MP3
1Organ 14:16MP3


Dead Violets is Jeff Surak of Violet and Thomas Ekelund of Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words doing free form noise and drones. This 3 track ep is a mashup of subterranean pulses, electro-acoustic static, and damaged electronics.


"Grinder of Organs" might be a more accurate title for this release by noise masters Jeff Surak and Thomas Ekelund. A few brief moments of listening to any of the three tracks on this album will quickly dismiss any romantic or picturesque ideas that might be associated with the walking street performer of the 19th and early 20th centuries who cranked away on his barrel organ and was known as the "Organ Grinder". The sounds here are more in line with the reality that most organ grinders were destitute drifters or beggars who were considered public nuisances and were despised by the general public. The tracks presented in this release are more an aural metaphor of what their real lives were like which stands in stark contrast to popular idealizations. Pounding percussion, grinding scrapes, and vicious layers of noise on "Organ 1" invite the listener into the organ grinder's hard, difficult life. Dense drones and gloomy repetitive tones on "Organ 2" are a noisy exaggeration of the irritatingly simple programmed tunes played by the organ grinder. Merciless walls of electro-acoustic drones, hammering looped percussion, and bursts of electronic noise in "Organ 3" reflect both the bleakness of the organ grinder's life and the harsh public attitude towards them. -LAJ-