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das naturhistorische museum der klänge - Diensteingang [zero077]

  • Artist: das naturhistorische museum der klänge
  • Title: Diensteingang
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Aug, 2006
5some kind of desire (backdoor mix) 6:15MP3
4red lights 1:31MP3
3when I first saw you 1:48MP3
2we came here to have some ice cream 5:47MP3
1no flights today 5:16MP3


Rinus Van Alebeek & Tibor Macek's latest outing under the nom de plume das naturhistorische museum der klänge is an excusion to places unknown, where pigs fly and ice cream is just around the corner. Field recordings, snatches of dialogue, random singing, and a little pig combine to make a true hero sandwich.