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Critikal - graphorrhea [zero008]

  • Artist: Critikal
  • Title: graphorrhea
  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: Oct, 2007
13The Truce1:43
12The Place Below End2:40
11The Prime Seed 4:35
10Linear Fear4:24
9Mind Opacity3:24
8Sonic Brood2:49
7Sine Verbiage1:19
6Rapture Periods5:07
5Wrath Rationale 2:55
4Cheerful Nimiety1:39
3Scud Twitcher 2:48
2Wail Absorption1:54
1Tesseract Of Distrust4:16



The writing of long lists of meaningless words, as occurs in some manic disorders. Graphorrhea when utilized in artistic processes, is capable of producing 'original' results, especially if certain human-technical decisions help channel the process…

Critikal is an international dynamic project comprised of four artists. Each new work is constructed by one member using sound material and structural concepts from the other members. This time the album was created by Dmytro Fedorenko, transforming pieces from Andrey Kiritchenko, Jeff Surak, and Tobias Åström.

Critikal was founded by Andrey Kiritchenko, Jeff Surak, and Jonas Lindgren, who left and was later replaced by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra) and Tobias Åström (Militant Fields).

Dmytro Fedorenko - track constructions and arrangements, bass, drums programming, synthetics.
Andrey Kiritchenko - computer, acoustic guitar, field recordings.
Tobias Astrom - feedback/effects, manipulated recordings of long lost cities/memories.
Jeff Surak - autoharp, microcassettes, processing.
Mastering by Dmytro Volkov.
Cover by Ruslan Palamarchuk.

This is a co-release of Nexsound/Kvitnu/Zeromoon labels.


"The overall atmosphere changes from harsh and corrupted to dark and evil over the course of the record and I get sucked into a dystopian world that I last experienced this way when I listened to "black vomit" by Wolf Eyes with Anthony Braxton." -Cracked

" is lost in its quagmire of unorthodox tunings and thrashing textures as though in a delirium, only a constant threat can be gleaned from its dark surface." -Earlabs