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awrkid - v. [zero120v]

  • Artist: awrkid
  • Title: v.
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: Jan, 2002
2Kronov Itself 15:37MP3


One of the most popular albums by V. covers a wide terrritory of sounds and styles from ambient glitch, free improv noise, and ambient field recordings. Using a wide array of instruments from hurdy gurdy, drums, samplers, tape, and found objects, v. creates a potent mix.

This release was originally made for the Black Orchid label as cassette release. However 2 CDR editions were released by Zeromoon, the first 20 in a deluxe canvas and wooden cover, the second 100 copies in the standard Zeromoon vinyl covers.


This was a US improv group, but recentely shifted towards the more electronic realm. I believe (without being certain) that it's now an one person project, re-investing the remains of the recordings made earlier by V. Their latest offering is a CDR on their own Zero Moon label, with six tracks. V. offer a pretty varied palette of sounds. It goes easily from softer drone textures to looped acoustic sounds, all presented in a collage form. The former instruments used by V. (drums, guitars, violins to mention some) are at times recognizable present, but at others pretty much transformed on the computer. The prize winning piece is the second track which ends in a nice laptop hum piece that easily meets Stephan Mathieu's recent work. ~ [Frans DeWaard] - Vital Weekly 317