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Astma & A Spirale - The Cost of Service [zero150]

  • Artist: Astma & A Spirale
  • Title: The Cost of Service
  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: Oct, 2013
  • Price: $7.00
6Simbologia Della Rivolta5:43
4Mexican Asada3:18
3Bori No Asp3:48
1Insurance 2:03


Collaborative effort between these two duos yields a mashup of post post punk no wave sound art improv noise. Like smashing DNA & Wolf Eyes together with guitars whose necks were snapped yet are held together by a single string while free improv drumming propels the manic ramblings that reveal some yet to be described psychosis.

Alexei Borisov: Electronics, Guitar, Voice
Olga Nosova: Drums, Percussion, Voice, Contact Mic, Effects
Mario Gabola: Feedback, Resonance, Mixer, Mini Tape
Mauruzio Argenziano: Prepared Guitar

Recorded in A Spirale basement studio in Naples and Alexei Borisov's home studio in Moscow. Instantly composed, played and recorded by Mario Gabola, Maurizio Argenziano, Olga Nosova, Alexei Borisov between Moscow and Naples during 2012. Mixed and edited by Mario Gabola and Sec at their home studio in Naples.

Artwork by Gianluigi "Bomboletta" Prencipe.
Artwork remixed by Hawkins/Intangible Arts

Released by zeromoon in collaboration with Viande Record


Lots of wild drumming, feedback, screaming, but also, occasionally something that is more introspective and mellow. Even intimate sound poetry finds a place here. It seems as if these more careful moments are placed on more strategic positions here and bring a better balance to this disc. Thirty-three quite intense minutes here which will leave no listener unharmed or relaxed in anyway, I should think. There is a fine, raw energy emerging from this disc. Tiring, but satisfying. ~ Vital Weekly