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Arturas Bumsteinas - Placido [zero058]

  • Artist: Arturas Bumsteinas
  • Title: Placido
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Jun, 2004
7Falling Flesh6:21MP3
6Ready Answer 4:45MP3
5Study of Three 4:17MP3
4Live in Classroom9:33MP3


Arturas Bumsteinas is a digital media artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. He has released several works in MP3 and CDR format, and performs frequently in various countries of Europe. Placido explores a number of approaches to digital music: at times abstract, other times the source material floats to the surface, only to shatter into a million fragments.

"at the same time when i was editing these tracks Laura was sitting by the warm stove and doing some needlecraft. i had no idea what kind of thing she was manufacturing but for me it looked like a kind of cloth or wrap. why had she put those red tiny squares all over the white fabric? they were really tiny and it took much time and attention to sew down one. maybe not so red as pink and a small hole in the center of each square. the hole was opening a space for brown flower inside. between every four squares i could see that there are the outlines of the circle. i also saw what she was doing with those circles but my english is not so good to describe it (all was turning into a self-dependent object i guess). recently the internet connection was installed at our place, so i could search for the sounds that i wanted to include in Placido (in the background of Fingersplit you can hear one of these sounds). Retourneau uses few samples from the cassette that was sent to me by Eric Letourneau seven years ago. Eric, wherever you are- please respond! tracks Trecia and Live in Classroom were recorded live. Falling Flesh is a remix which i was recently asked to do by young Lithuanian artist Rising Spirit. Ready Answer is a bit older track (done in June of 2004), but i just felt i have to include it also. i think it extends the idea of this nonlaconic minimalism where everything is like a ton of rubbish in the stream of the river which undermines its own banks and flows faster and faster."

Arturas Bumsteinas on Placido 2004.11-12 Vilnius

p.s. Laura is still working on her embroidery and as soon as she finishes it i promise to put a picture online, so You can take a look. here is the website