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Andrey Kiritchenko interprets Second Violin - VE.COND.SIO.LIN [zero007r]

  • Artist: Andrey Kiritchenko interprets Second Violin
  • Title: VE.COND.SIO.LIN
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: May, 2003


Andrey Kiritchenko is well known from his CD releases on Zeromoon, Adnauseum, and his own Nexsound imprint. Here he remixes a track from Second Violin's "Victoria", which was a live improvisation between Zan Hoffman on prepared drawer (a dresser drawer with wires and strings attached and filled with trash) and Jeff Surak on prepared violin (as depicted on the release cover).


Second Violin was an improvisation group featuring Jeff Surak, Zann Hoffman, Adam Bohman and Rinus van Alebeek - I believe the latter two collaborated via the postal system. The busy as ever bee Andrey Kiritchenko remixes, or maybe more appropiate, recycles recordings by Second Violin in his "usual" laptop manner. None of the bands normal work can be easily recognized in here. It beeps and hisses, hums and hisses. Over the course of twenty minutes he works nicely through the material and transforms the pure acoustic material into pure electronic material. - Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly