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Andrey Kiritchenko - Bees & Honey [zero003]

  • Artist: Andrey Kiritchenko
  • Title: Bees & Honey
  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: Aug, 2003
15Sigmet Mix - Freiband4:09
14Moonshinermx56 - Cray5:58
13Dead World - Kim Cascone4:12
12Moontouch - The Moglass5:44
11Woman With Splited Head With Tramvay - Violet3:25
10Colour - Kotra6:19
9Cryptic Invic - 833-456:13
8Scannermx - Scanner5:37
7Suntouch - Marcus Maeder4:44
6Hymenopteran - Brian Lavelle2:27
5Flowers And Fields13:59
3Bees Scattered 2:17


Five tracks by Andrey Kiritchenko, followed by remixes from Brian Lavelle, Marcus Maeder, Scanner, 833-45, Kotra, Violet, The Moglass, Kim Cascone, Cray, Freiband.


“Kiritchenko’s work is spacious and alluring without lapsing into blissed out blandness, the roughness of its surfaces complementing rather than compromising its soft centre.” – Wire

“Kiritchenko has a unique, glitchy approach to electronic music that is quite peaceful and ambient, though far from commonly accessible. Elements of Fennesz, Farmers Manual, and the more experimental side of Pluramon all reside in his unique sound…Bees & Honey is a very satisfying experimental electronic release. Recommended.” - Indieville

“this disc is without doubt a very good collection of contemporary ‘ambient glitch’. Kiritchenko fits into this category very well and has placed himself accordingly with this CD. ” – Vital Weekly

“a compelling work” – Eld Rich Palmer

“The music has a tranquillising touch and timeless frame, slowly moving into a spaceless entity…(an) excellent compilation.” – Phosphor Magazine