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Acid Police Noise Ensemble - Extraordinary Renditions [zero127]

  • Artist: Acid Police Noise Ensemble
  • Title: Extraordinary Renditions
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Dec, 2011
15Good Vibrations I-B 1:54MP3Flac
14Killing Floor 7:30MP3Flac
13Pop-Dust III 6:40MP3Flac
12Good Vibrations II 4:41MP3Flac
11Radio Friendly 2:36MP3Flac
10Worst Minus5:38MP3Flac
8Good Vibrations III 4:19MP3Flac
7Damien Hirst is a Fucking Fuck 4:05MP3Flac
5Pop-Dust II 1:13MP3Flac
4Good Vibrations I-A1:56MP3Flac
2Pop-Dust I1:57MP3Flac
1The Satanic Gospel of Stefani Germanotta 7:57MP3Flac


A “covers album” made combining live and studio recordings with the songs used in the “extended interrogation techniques” practiced in Guantanamo Bay and other CIA “black” prisons. All following the formal structure of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Lucifer” formula.

Performed by David Pocknee, Robert Blatt, Maya Verlaak, Leo Svirsky, & Renato Ferreira.