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Called »the godfather of american noise« by Ukrainian MTV, Jeff Surak is a veteran experimenter from Washington DC.

Since his early recordings under the name -1348-, Surak established himself in the international hometaper underground network of the 1980s, releasing tapes on the his own Watergate Tapes imprint, along with such artists as Controlled Bleeding, F/i, and Kapotte Muziek; and collabo- rating with icons like Zan Hoffman, Crawling with Tarts, and John Hudak. At the same time Surak performed with the notorious DC area industrial band New Carrollton.

The 1990s found Surak living and performing in Russia. There he formed the group Sovmestnoye Predpriyatiye which created site specific works using found materials and sounds. At the turn of the millenium Surak created a new duo, V. which quickly blew out of the its initial framework of free improv into a unit that pushed the limits of composition, constantly reinventing itself with each recording and performance. After 11 albums in 2 years, the duo disbanded, leaving Surak to further continue explorations under his solo project called Violet. Found objects, microcassettes, damaged cds, prepared acoustic instruments, and old record players outfitted with foil are the tools of choice. Violet has collaborated with Alexei Borisov, Frans De Waard, Betrand Denzler, Michael Gendreau, Andrey Kiritchenko, Kotra, Francisco Lopez, Andreas Tilliander and many others. Since 2002 Violet has released numerous recordings in a variety of formats and has performed across the USA and Europe.

Surak also directs the annual Sonic Circuits Festival in Washington DC, presenting such artists as Faust, Merzbow, Fennesz, Magma, Jandek, Phill Niblock, Wolf Eyes, Evan Parker, Matmos, Fckn Bstrds, Andrea Parkins, Elliott Sharp and hundreds of others.



J. Surak - Skull Fracking [zero182]

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J. Surak - Lost Geographies [zero166]

J. Surak - Dillhole and Fashion Delete [zero164]

J. Surak - Skull Cloud [zero160]

J. Surak - Harmonium bacterium [zero158]

J. Surak - Torn [zero141]

J. Surak - Hotel Bethanien​/​Gates Open [zero138]

Violet - Atlantic Pyramid [zero119]

Makioki Sisters - Angry Asian Chick on Mobile Device [zero102]

Bonnie Jones/Jeff Carey/Myo/Violet - Live at Pyramid Atlantic [zero099]

Violet - Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers [zero008]

sc. all. & Violet - All Violet [zero096]

Critikal - graphorrhea [zero008]

Violet - Blind from staring too long at the sun [zero011CB]

Violet Clon - Attack Of [zero007CB]

Dead Violets - Organ Grinder [zero075]

Violet + XV Parówek - Hansaplast [zero012CB]

Normal Music - Generic [zero068]

Tube Alloys - Tube Alloys [zero063]

Violet + Alexei Borisov + Michael Gendreau - Bogatiri [zero006]

Critikal - STATE [zero054]

Violet+Bertrand Denzler - The Long March [zero017r]

Violet+Das Torpedoes - 36 [zero015r]

Various Artists - Zeromoon Sampler III: An Explanation of Difficult Music [zero057]

Violet Shifts - Resita Mold [zero009r]

Normal Music - A Short Exhibition Of Normal Music [zero002]

Various Artists - Dissolution Tapes [zero004]

Normal Music - Brev [zero006r]

Violet - Green [zero005r]

Violet - Let the Sunshine In [zero003]

Various Artists - Zeromoon Sampler [zero004r]

Violet - Sometimes in The Quietest of Moments... [zero002r]

Second Violin - Victoria [zero107a]

Zanoisect - Museum Of Frenzy [zero110a]

Second Violin - Hospital Fugue Of Mad Nurse [zero106a]