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Blue Sausage Infant

Chester Hawkins began BSI in 1985 as an experiment in modern-day audio Dadaism (via musique concrète and tape-collage) and has evolved it into an ambitious laboratory of "psychedelia" in all its forms. Using an ever-changing arsenal of electronics, acoustics, and handmade objects, the stated purpose is to create deep and elegant trance states with a glaze of paranoid tension: a teetering balance of euphoria and terror. The more experimental side of early '70s Krautrock is an easy reference-point, but BSI strives to pick up where those explorers left off, and go further out.... Way out... Blue Sausage Infant's 2011 album "Negative Space" was nominated for best "Experimental Music" release at that year's Qwartz Awards in Paris.



Chester Hawkins - Murmurations [zero163]

Blue Sausage Infant - A Cooling-Board Bacchanal [zero143]

Blue Sausage Infant - Negative Space [zero013]

Blue Sausage Infant - Confessions of a Rogue Taxidermist [zero120]

Blue Sausage Infant - Flight of the Solstice Queens [zero010]

Blue Sausage Infant - Egg [zero101]

Blue Sausage Infant - Scalpels for the Animal God [zero095]